Books And Book Excerpts

John Wesley
"A Plain Account Of Christian Perfection" 1740 (Copy from Dr. Harris's personal library, with notations)
Dr. Iva Durham Vennard
"The Revelation, a student's handbook"     available at
Dr. Harry Jessop
"Foundations Of Doctrine"     Preface and chapters 1-3... click HERE
"Spiritual Security"     click HERE for the booklet
"I Met A Man With A Shining Face, an autobiography in the things of God "    click HERE
Mary Ella Bowie, B.D.
"An Introduction to Systematic Theology," excerpt      click HERE
Dr. Merne Harris
"Humpty Dumpty And His Friends"
Story 1 - "The Original Bang Up Kid"        
Story 2 - "What Do You Do When The Bones Are Gone"

Articles And Papers

Dr. Robert Morris
Matthew 6:13        John 20:17
Greek Studies - Gems from Greek for Vennardians:
The King In A Tent
The Abounding Grace of God
Greek Word Studies - Encouraging One Another
Greek Word Studies - Forgiving One Another
"Biblical Study - Great Men of the Old Testament"   click HERE
"Praise the Beauty of Holiness"   click HERE
"New Testament Women in Ministry"   click HERE
"The Immortal, Invisible, Invincible God"   click HERE
"The Man With The Miracle Ear"    click HERE
"The Attributes of God - Who He Is"    click HERE
  For a collection of devotionals from Dr. Morris, visit the Ministries page
Dr. Iva Durham Vennard
"Full Stature"     click HERE to read the poem
Dr. Merne Harris
"Journal of the Christian Holiness Association - Women Who Influenced The Holiness Movement"   Dr. Harris article on our founder President Vennard     click HERE

Sermon Notes

Dr. Merne Harris
"Sermon On The Mount," the "I'm OK, You're OK" series; typed notes with handwritten additions, from a series presented on a South American tour for WGM.
click for the notes -- PART 1      PART 2      PART 3      PART 4      PART 5      PART 6