Vennard College Alumni Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Vennard College Alumni Association is to:
1. Carry on the legacy and ministry of Vennard College of bringing Jesus’ abundant life of holy love to our world.
2. Connect the generations of Vennardians, building community through media, fellowship gatherings, encouragement, shared learning and prayer.
3. Contribute financial resources through scholarships to continue Vennard’s legacy of training leaders.

“Connecting Vennardians and continuing the ministry of
Vennard College around the world.”


Our alumni association is privileged to provide scholarships to relatives of Vennard alumni. Your financial support makes this possible.

2023 Scholarship Recipients
Meet them at the Recipients page

Your support also allows us to keep alumni connected with college friends through online sites, video reunions, alumni gatherings and annual postcard/email updates.

Visit our Support page for details on how to contribute.

In Honor Of, In Memory Of...

Donations have been made to our scholarship fund
in appreciation of people who have impacted lives.
In Memory of Mike McPherson, by VC Alumni Association
In Honor of Dr. Robert Morris, by Sandra Harris
In Memory of Earl & Mary Owens, by Paul Owens
In Memory of Deb Dill Foy, by Tim & Shirley Roehl
In Honor of VCAA Board of Directors, by Sandra Harris
In Memory of Deb Dill Foy, by her Southview Sisters
In Memory of Mrs. Marjorie Morris, by Jeff Morris
In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. Harris, by Sandra Harris
In Memory of Zelma (Demott) Payne, by Donald Hotz
In Memory of Elana Marie Swarthout, by Suzanne Swarthout
In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. Merne Harris, by ToyLeann Mast
In Honor of Sharon Cox, by Sandra Harris


At the Leadership page:
Meet the Board of Directors of the Vennard College Alumni Association.
If you have interest in serving on the Board, email to let us know.



Coppola, Maconville, Coppola, Hockenberg, & Scalise, P.C., employed on an
as-needed basis
Fogg, Nims & Co., LLP, employed on an as-needed basis
Investment/Money Management
Agnew Mokosak Group, management of Scholarship Endowment funds
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University of Iowa has the transcripts for the Vennard and the associated colleges.
Details on the
Education page.
2020 Budget
The budget will be posted here in January when it has been voted by the Board of Directors.
Sale of the campus
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