Vennard Gilmore Scholarship Recipients

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Andara Buchanan
Grand Canyon University
Secondary English

I am excited to one day be a light for Jesus in a classroom setting while being a teacher, and to be a great role model for my students. I am so grateful and thankful for how this year has turned out and am excited for what the Lord has in store for me this upcoming fall!

Nathan Mast
Purdue University
Mechanical Engineering

Thank you so much for the scholarship! I appreciate your contributions to my education,
and I look forward to serving Christ at Purdue University this fall. Now that I'm in college, I have
found a group called "Campus House" and I actively learn and share the Word with students who
share the same faith I do. Although my education is secular, the clay I have been molded into is being hardened as I stand for what I believe in and continue to learn about my Creator.

Hannah McGaffey
MidAmerica Nazarene University
Elementary Education

I have always had a love and passion for working with kids, and I am so excited to see how God uses me in my future years as an educator. I volunteered at numerous summer camps, worked in many different schools and have been given multiple opportunities to help in my home church to grow this love for kids that I hold so close to my heart. I think it is so amazing that God uses everyone, with their gifts and talents, to glorify Him in one way or another. I am so excited to see how God uses me, as a teacher, to reach students, other educators, and possibly the students' families.

Walker Newman
MidAmerica Nazarene University
Criminal Justice

I just want to say thank you to everyone for the scholarship. This means more than you all can know. 
God has blessed me so much this past semester at MNU  and I trust He will continue to guide and have grace on me in the future. Thanks for all the continued prayers as I seek after whatever and wherever God directs.  God has showed me that in my trials nothing is to big for him to reveal himself and use my trials to be a walking testimony of the goodness of God.

Hannah Nicholls
Cedarville University

I am excited to use this scholarship to further my education, and immensely grateful for your generosity and prayers. The education I am receiving is preparing me to be a nurse and a light in the world.I have been able to incorporate spiritual care in the clinical setting by simply asking my patient, “Can I pray for you?” While not all of my patients have been receptive, it has been beautiful to see how a small gesture like this can plant a seed that could have an enormous impact.

Nathanael Nicholls
Liberty University
Pre-Med/Biomedical Sciences

.I am currently considering whether to pursue a profession in the medical field (such as an optometrist or a physician), and with my education and job training I may travel overseas to developing countries to do missions work. As a medical professional, I would be able to share the gospel with unbelievers in a practical and influential way, demonstrating the healing power of Christ through my work as a doctor. Wherever God leads me after college, I pray that he will bless me with the wisdom and ability to serve and glorify him in whatever way I can

Courtney Smith
MidAmerica Nazarene University
Digital Communications

In the past year, my journey with Christ has grown for sure. During this period I started getting a lot closer to Christ and made more time for myself to read my Bible and dig deeper in God’s word. I am a part of a small group that my volleyball coach hosts and I have been learning a lot in that group and more of the deep theological things behind passages in the Bible!

Bailey Zobel
Belmont University
Audio Engineering

This past year I have become much more invested in my journey through volunteering on the worship team and interning at my church. Constantly being surrounded by people of faith has given me a clearer picture of who God is, naturally leading me closer to Him. I value my growing relationship with God, and I feel that attending a Christian university and surrounding myself with like-minded people will allow me to grow further while integrating my passions and education.

2020 Scholarship Recipients

High School Seniors

Andara Buchanan
Des Moines Area Community College

" I know that wherever the Lord calls me I will do my best to live my life for Him. I am very excited about my future. I have enjoyed typing out my testimony for this scholarship because it has reminded me of all the beautiful ways God has looked out for me and kept me safe. Thank you so so much!! This means so much to me!! Thank you again!!"

Walker Newman
MidAmerica Nazarene University
Criminal Justice

" I plan on majoring in Criminal Justice while at Mid America. I know God is calling me into this field because I believe it is important for Christians to allow themselves to be used in whatever field of work and look at it as a mission field to a broken and hurting world. Being in law enforcement I know that will give me a unique opportunity to do that. Thank you so much to all for the scholarship. I am so appreciative for the help as I go where I feel God is leading me. Please keep me in your prayers as work towards whatever God leads."

College Students

Zachary Conner
Dallas Baptist University
Secondary Education

"My passion of working with teenagers has lead me to want to become a high school history teacher and coach. Growing up in public school I know the need for Christian teachers who can be there to encourage and inspire. I hope to do these things in the classroom, and because of my education here at DBU, and God's faithfulness, I will!

Clayton Gentry
Barclay College
Pastoral Ministries

" I see my education preparing me for what God has planned for me. I see my education laying a foundation for further study and preparation for God's will."

Tayler Gentry
Barclay College
Elementary Education

"I see my education helping me become the teacher my future students will need me to be. I have been considering adding a minor in Youth Ministry as I feel burdened with Jr. High. I want to be the person that will listen to them and let them know that there are people who care. I want to make an impact on them and I strongly believe that my education will allow me to do so. Thank you, all prayers are appreciated."

Hannah Nicholls
Cedarville University

"All of the lessons I am learning are forming and shaping me not only as a nursing student, but first and foremost as a young adult believer. I pray that this boldness and passion in my heart for God and His Word will not fade out, but will only continue to grow."


Continuing Education

Dylan Does

"Thank you so much for investing in my continuing ed. I believe God will use this for my personal growth, Kingdom growth and most importantly, His glory. 
My sincerest thanks." 

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Katie Doll

Mt. Vernon Nazarene University
Educational Ministries.
I am majoring in Educational Ministries and double-minoring in Spanish and Intercultural Studies. I have learned that missions is definitely a passion of mine. I am beyond thankful for the constant prayer I receive from you all!

Clayton Gentry

Barclay College
Pastoral Ministries
Some of my talents and my life that God might use in the future could be my gifts and experiences in my life. There are several possibilities for God to use me. And I am looking forward to completing

Tayler Gentry

Barclay College
Elementary Education
I want to be a teacher. I have loved the idea of being a teacher since I was in seventh grade. Because of my desire to be a history teacher, I think and feel like God would use that to have me witness to my students or to be a mentor to them. All children need someone who can support them.

Makenzie Kline

Arkansas State University Nursing
If I can complete my goal of becoming a nurse, I would be able to reach out to multiple people and help show Jesus' love to everybody I run into who may not be having the best day because they are sick, about to have surgery, etc. It is my lifelong passion to help those who are sick and do what I can medically, to make them feel better.

Nathan Kline

Arkansas State University
Physical Education
I want to be a vessel that God uses to reach a demographic that is so prevalent yet sometimes so difficult to reach. Any form of assistance with this, whether it be financially or more importantly prayer, will be greatly appreciated.

Hannah Nichols

Cedarville University
Thank you so much for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated! I’m looking forward to starting a new journey at Cedarville in just a few days.
My ultimate goal is to demonstrate the loving example of my Savior through my words, attitudes and actions.

Luke Zobel

Taylor University
Film Production
Documentary film making has sparked interest for me to be able to show people the beauty of the world and show real issues at hand. Thank you so much for selecting me! I am very thankful to receive this scholarship from you.


2018 Scholarship Recipients

Brittany Crossgrove

This year, I am looking forward to finishing my last three classes in my Bachelor's degree followed by student teaching from January to end of April. I'm excited and ready to start my first year as a teacher in the Fall of 2019. I'm thankful to be a Vennard Alumni and I wouldn't have been able to finish my schooling for the last year if it had not been for the Vennard Alumni Scholarship. I thank you and God Bless all of you. 

Elisa (Katie) Doll

I am currently majoring in Educational Ministries and double minoring in
Spanish and intercultural studies. I took on this major so that I will be prepared for God to use me in any way He sees fit. My dream is to work in full-time ministry and, whether this means missions or serving on staff at a church, I am excited to serve God in any and every way that I can.

Tayler Gentry

For the longest time, I have been passionate about history. Ever since fifth grade when I first learned about American History, I fell in love with the subject. I don't care what history I am learning because I love the subject so much. I also love children. They are really fun to hang around and conversations with them are never boring. I thought what better way to combine both loves than teaching history. I am aiming my attention towards middle school or junior high aged children but I am open for any age group. I want to show children the love of history that I have and how God reveals himself throughout it.

Kaytlyn Hatch

Thank you Vennard College Alumni Association! You are blessing students in a great way and I am honored that you have invested in me and my education that God is leading me through. I am beginning year two of a two-year Master of Non Profit Management program through Grace College this August. I am extremely thankful to be able to apply what I learn directly to what I do at Summit Church in Niles, MI as an Associate Pastor. I am passionate about the local church and how God uses the church body to lead people to follow Christ. I am thankful that through this graduate program I am able to be better equipped for His ministry. Thank you for being a part of the journey with me, I am extremely grateful.

Kylie Johnson

This scholarship has been such a blessing to me as I pursue an electrical engineering major at Olivet Nazarene University. Most of my coursework is very challenging and it is very easy to be consumed by academics. I love being able to join together with others in praise and worship and hear a variety of speakers challenge me in my faith journey. I don’t know what my future holds as far as engineering positions, but I believe that the foundation Olivet is providing me will equip me to be a servant of the Lord in whatever way He has in mind. I pray that my gifts will further God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

Nate Kline

I am currently majoring in physical education, but I plan on going on after graduation to occupational therapy school to hopefully become a pediatric occupational therapist. I have had the opportunity to job shadow in a local middle school's special-education classroom as well as the occupational therapy program there. These opportunities have just affirmed in me, that this is what I want to do with my life. I can not wait to see how God continues to work in my life on my journey to help empower, educate, and inspire children with special needs as I strive to live out Hebrews 12: 1-2.

Caleb Zimmer

I am excited to attend Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN, this fall where I am enrolled at the National Institute for Praise and Worship (NIPW).  NIPW is located on campus in the newest music education building.  I'm looking forward to exploring Nashville, playing in various bands and orchestras, and growing in my faith.

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Emily Desler

“I have a love for children and a passion for teaching and watching elementary children grow and learn. I have been working with young children since I was in junior high and two summers ago I worked at Camp War Eagle as a counselor. I love every opportunity I am given to interact and help them develop. This past summer I taught English to students in Lithuania. It was a life changing experience as a teacher as I learned how to reach students at a variety of ages and levels. After I graduate I plan on pursuing a career as an elementary teacher and I am praying that I will be given opportunities to teach overseas. My past three years in the education department have helped me improve my patience, organization, furthered the love I have for children and strengthen my belief that God has called me to care for and teach his children. I hope to use my degree not only to further student’s minds, but show God’s love to them through my daily actions in the classroom.”

Katie Doll

"I am pursuing a degree in Educational Ministries with minors in business and intercultural studies. My passion is still missions and reaching people wherever God may call me! I hope to work in the church to help further people's relationships with God along with personally growing closer to him every day!"

Kylie Johnson

“Currently I am attending Olivet Nazarene University and pursuing my BS in electrical engineering. As a Christian engineer, it is always a challenge to sort out faith versus facts. My ultimate goal though is to glorify God in everything I do, whether it be in playing violin music, studying, working, or running.  Currently, I am training for a 25K race in May. It occurs to me that training for this race can also be a metaphor for my spiritual journey. I must train regularly so that I am in condition to perform, in the same way that spending time studying the Word is something that must be done consistently if our lives are to reflect our beliefs. In the future, I see myself using the gifts God has given me to become an Engineer. After graduating college, I hope to find a personally-fulfilling job in the engineering field that lets me use my new new-found knowledge to help impact the world in a positive way. I pray that God can use me and my gifts to further the kingdom of God. ”

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Emily Desler

"I have a love for children and a passion for teaching and watching elementary children grow and learn. I have been working with young children since I was in junior high and this past summer I worked at Camp War Eagle as a counselor. I love every opportunity I am given to interact and help them develop. After I graduate I plan on pursuing a career as an elementary teacher and I am praying that I will be given opportunities to teach overseas. My past two years in the education department have helped me improve my patience, organization, furthered the love I have for children and strengthen my belief that God has called me to care for and teach his children."

Kylie Johnson

"I would like to study chemical engineering or some branch of engineering in college.  I pray God can use me and my talents to affect other lives for the better.  With time and practice, God has given me the talent to play the violin.  I hope my talents can glorify the Lord with each new chapter of my life.  I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me and my future."

Aaron Mast

"I am currently a junior studying Mechanical Engineering at Trine University in Indiana. As a student at a secular college there are many struggles that I have to face every day, but there are also an abundance of opportunities to share the gospel and serve others right here on campus.  I knew for sure that I wanted to study Mechanical Engineering. I knew since I was very young that I wanted to one day study that, so I did. I applied to a few colleges, but ultimately chose Trine University. Trine is not affiliated with any churches, and I knew that going in. I was prepared for what I thought college would be like. Before I went off to college, we had been studying in our youth group about how many Christians lose their faith when they go off to college. I knew that I needed to find and plug myself into a group of believers as soon as I got to Trine. Thankfully, I found Christian Campus House (CCH). They are an organization whose vision is to empower students to impact the world for Christ, and they have been doing that for the last thirty years at Trine. I may be leaving here with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but I am also leaving with something far more valuable:  a stronger faith and a desire to serve Christ. Because of that, I would like to keep working with CCH next year and many years after that."

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Kaytlyn Hatch

I am currently attending Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN to finish my Senior year as a Liberal Studies Major concentrating in Music, Christian Ministry and Art. I work at Summit Church as the Connections Director and love how God has give me opportunities to serve in ministry. As a newly wed, I am blessed by this financial support that makes continuing my education to serve the Lord possible. The alumni of Vennard continue to encourage students who are committed to the work of our God, thank you. 
Blessings, Kaytlyn Hatch

Elise Roehl

My name is Elise Roehl. I am a proud second generation Vennard Alum. Both my parents, my sister, and my brother-in-law all graduated from Vennard College.  I had the unfortunate honor of being a part of the final graduating class in December of 2008.  After a five year educational hiatus, God led me back in to the world of academia. I now attend University of Northwestern-St Paul working on a Master of Organizational Leadership degree. When I agreed to follow God's leading back to school, I prayed "Okay, God I'm ready to do this and I don't want to take out anymore loans. So, please help me figure out how to pay for this." Through a serious of blessings (some exciting, some unfortunate), God provided most of the money I would need to complete my program without taking out a loan. The amount the Alumni Association granted me for scholarship ended up being the exact amount I needed! Praise God!  i am eternally grateful for my Vennard education and to this board for helping me accept God's challenge.

2016 update -
Elise has earned her Masters in Organization Leadership. Congratulations Elise!

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Kayte Miller
This past year I graduated from Southwestern Michigan College with my Associate's in Music. This fall I am attending Bethel College to finish my Bachelor's degree to become a worship pastor. I would like to thank the Vennard College Alumni Association for your prayers and financial support as I continue in following God's plan in my life.
Kirk Bagby

I believe that God has called me to be a teacher at a Christian college or seminary. Thus, I am earning my BA in Communications with Christian Education at Kentucky Mountain Bible College to prepare me for seminary.  Once I graduate in May of 2015, I intend to work for KMBC and perhaps earn an MA in Christian Apologetics online from Wesley Biblical Seminary.   I have also considered taking online classes from Asbury Seminary.  Wherever God leads me after graduation, the VCAA Scholarship has greatly helped me complete my education at KMBC.  Thank you very much!

Suzannah Zimmer  
I will attend Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville, OK, where I plan to play on the basketball team and major in Social studies with a Pre-Legal emphasis. My hope is to become a constitutional lawyer, where I can someday defend the rights and privileges of Christians that are increasingly under threat from our government.  

David Bagby


I praise the Lord for receiving a VCAA scholarship! I appreciate how it will help me in my education at Kentucky Mountain Bible College. I believe that God has called me to preach, and I am majoring in Pastoral Ministries. When I graduate in May 2015, I plan to pursue a masters degree while continuing in ministry. Thank you again, VCAA, for the scholarship! 

2013 Scholarship Recipients

David Bagby

"I praise the Lord for receiving a VCAA scholarship! It will greatly help me as I follow God's will at Kentucky Mountain Bible College. I believe that God has called me to preach, and I am majoring in Pastoral Ministries while involved in prison ministry, Pro-life ministry, and local church ministries. Thank you for the scholarship!" 
Kirk Bagby

"I believe that God has called me to be a teacher at a Christian college or seminary.  Thus, I am earning my BA in Communications with Christian Education at Kentucky Mountain Bible College to prepare me for an MA in seminary.  Afterwards, I wish to teach at KMBC.  Wherever God opens the door for me to teach, the VCAA Scholarship has helped me reach that calling.  Thank you very much!" 
Kayte Miller

"I am attending Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, Michigan this fall. I plan to graduate from SMC with an associate’s in music and then transfer to Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana to graduate with a bachelor’s to obey God’s calling as a Worship Pastor. Thanks to the alumni of Vennard, I am one step closer to that goal."

2012 Scholarship Recipients

David Bagby

"It is such a blessing to be a recipient of the VCAA scholarship. I am very thankful for how it will help fund my education. I am pursuing God's call into full-time ministry, majoring in Pastoral Ministries at Kentucky Mountain Bible College."
Chase Cleveland

"I am very thankful for this award."
Chase will be attending Northwestern College.

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Kendra Alspach

"I'd just like to express my thanks to the alumni of Vennard for this scholarship. It will help out with my educational expenses as I continue to seek God's will for my life." Kendra is attending Emmaus Bible College.
Andrew Mast

"It is a privilege to have received the Vennard Gilmore Scholarship. I will be preparing for youth and camping ministries. I'm looking forward to what God will show me in the next few years." Andrew is attending Kentucky Mountain Bible College.