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Online Reunions 2021

We would like to set up an online reunion for the class of 1971. We are also looking for members of Puppet People who would like to connect online. If you are a member of either of these groups and would like to participate, email us at

Northern California - Summer 2021?

Due to Covid-19, we have put plans on hold for a N. CA gathering. But we are looking at summer 2021. We'll keep you posted.

Past Gatherings

There was a Vennard/WGM/EMC Get-Together at the Evangelical Methodist Church in Arizona City, AZ, hosted by alum Bob Perkins.


Southern California
While our VCAA President Tim Roehl and Shirley Roehl were visiting in SoCal, we got a few alums and friends together.

Topics of conversation - college stories of course - including but not limited to: demerits, vinegar pie, Open House (the message burned into the door with shaving cream), freshman behavior, and the toothbrush and the fish.
Diane Miltemore, Deb Foy, Sandy Harris, Shirley Roehl, Tim Roehl



Ken & Sue Brakefield, Gordon & Mary Fischer
Glenda & John Zimmer, John & Prudy Olson
Wendy Lum, Carol & Mike McPherson
Suzi & Doug Swarthout

  Southern California  
Deb Foy, Diane Miltemore, Kim & Chris Hoch
James Foy, Sandy Harris, Gordon Lum

Alumni meet at a Soup Plantation in SoCal, with goodie bags for all.


  National Reunion
class of 1960
View a photo album of the reunion;
click HERE

Videos of the 2012 reunion,
on the Reunions page


  Tennessee - Decaturville & Nashville  
Nancy Poston Brasher, Wendy Lum, Betty Middleton Jobbins, Becky & Heldur Nork, Wanda Gass Kinney
Rich Moore & Jan , Dwight Goodman,
Paul & Jedonna Amstutz,
Delores Carpenter, Nancy Poston Brasher Debbie Mumme Scales
  Northern California  
Nancy Raley, Chester Lum, Loren
Judy Douglass (she came from Oregon!) Anita Lum Lizotte

  Southern California
Southern California gathering
at Laguna Beach

View the video at Youtube