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  Prudy Olson
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Note on the check if it is for Scholarships, Investment or General Fund.

You can include a note if you want to designate your gift as being "In Memory Of" or "In Honor Of," of someone, stating the name and anything you want to say about the person.

  "In Memory Of..."      "In Honor Of..."
    When the college published an alumni magazine, we had a page recognizing donations made"In Memory Of" and "In Honor Of." We are reinstating that tradition. When you donate to the VCAA, you can choose to make that donation in memory of someone who has passed or in honor of someone's life and service.

We will post a page here at the website for these donations. Depending on how you make your donation, you can either add the In Memory or In Honor note at the time of the donation, or you can email us and let us know how you would like it designated.


Support our students
    We all remember the stresses and challenges of college life. We want to give our students our prayer support as well as financial help.

Each year we have a few volunteers who add our scholarship recipients to their prayer list.

If you would like to be part of this prayer team, let us know at