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New - Puppets at VC

Puppets at VC


Campus Videos

A Day At Vennard, 1999

Woodhaven Amphitheater

Chicago Evangelistic Institute


Music Videos

2007 Alumni Choir, Alumni Chapel
Director Herbert Anderson

2007 Alumni Instrumental Ensemble
Terra Amundson, Rob Bacon, Prudy Olson. and Fonda Wettestad

2012 Alumni Quartet Reunion

2012 Devotion Service Singing
"Hark The Herald Angels Sing"
Arranged by Don Hustad who was Billy Graham's
organist, and a graduate of our campus.


Event Videos

also see Message videos below
2012 Reunion Volleyball

2009 SoCal
Alumni meeting in Laguna Beach, CA, 2009

Presentation Videos

Videos shown at alumni reunions and events
Beyond The Centennial
1910-2012 history, VCAA mission, audio from college founder Dr. Iva Durham Vennard.

Calling All Quartets
Photos from Vennard Quartets over the years,
and audio from the 1949/1950s era Evangels.
Music Department Tribute
Homecoming 2007, dedicated to the memory of Professor Cynthia Zimmerman.

Christlife Singers Tribute
For 2008 Christlife Singers Reunion, with introduction from Prof. Herbert Anderson
College Life
Shown at Homecoming 2008


Message Videos

President Harris
Esther Sermon Series Part 1
Esther Sermon Series Part 2
Esther Sermon Series Part 3
Esther Sermon Series Part 4
2007 Reunion Devotional,
Jim Anderson
Devotional Message Part 1
Devotional Message Part 2
Devotional Message Part 3