The Schools

Vennard College

1951, Chicago. During a faculty/staff meeting to pray about the future of the school, at about 10:00 PM, the meeting was interrupted by a phone call which President Jessop took. When he returned he quoted Isa. 65:24: "Before they call, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking, I will hear." Kletzing College in Iowa was closing its doors and the campus had been offered as a gift to CEI.
Excerpt from "The Torch Goeth Onward" written by President Merne Harris
Of course the decision to accept the offer rested with the Board of Trustees which met to consider the offer in April and May. The day preceding the second meeting, the students called a voluntary day of prayer. During the days of decision, in response to my question "Is this God's leading?" I received the verse "For the Lord of hosts hath proposed, and who shall disannul it? and his hand is stretched out, and who shall turn it back?: (Isa. 14:27)

Initially the board members were receptive. But by June they were having second thoughts, and on the 23rd met for a final vote. The long-awaited announcement came: we would not be moving to Iowa. I went home heavyhearted and perplexed, to share the bad news with my wife. To my surprise she refused to accept the decision. (note -she had already begun to pack and continued packing). The Lord had spoken to that morning from Ezek. 12:3 "Prepare thee stuff for moving, and remove by day in their sight, and thou shalt remove from they place to another place in their sight."

On July 11 the Board announced a dramatic reversal, a unanimous vote to accept the offer.

Chicago Evangelistic Institute

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Photos of the original Dove and Triangle and C.E.I. banners

Excerpts from the"Heart And Life Bulletin" including the announcement of George Washington Carver's lecture

"The Old Rugged Cross" C.E.I. connection

Vintage film of the Chicago campus

Central Holiness University

The class of 1916,including
Florence Crawford and Magnus Christensen.
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Central Holiness University postcard, 1911
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Education of the La Favre and Christensen Ancestors Central Holiness University

The People

Dr. Iva Durham Vennard, Founder

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Our founder profiled in "Not To Be Forgotten"
 Photos of Dr. Vennard
A verse card written from Dr. Vennard to a student
Audio of Dr. Vennard's early music ministry
"The Revelation, A Student's Handbook"

Dr. Lydia Schaum, Medical Missionary, Missions Professor C.E.I.

Summa Cum Laude graduate from medical college in 1917
Surgeon in Peking Hospital in the 1920s
Lecturer promoting medical missions in China

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The History


The Kiddie Kollege of the Vennard years had its roots in 1910 Chicago:
In 1910, Dr. Vennard opened a daycare along with the college, providing childcare and instruction
to the children of factory workers.
The college's "Heart And Life" magazine profiled two of these children.
  When the college moved to
Iowa, the preschool program
was continued, providing afternoon education for the community's 4-year-olds. The preschool was housed in the lower floor of the Men's
note: in the photo below you will find our former alumni president, Sharon Cox
  Mrs. Sue Harris expanded the program to full-day care as well as preschool and summer programs for older children. Kiddie Kollege was built to accommodate the enrollment of up to 175 children per day.
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