The Schools

Central Holiness University

The class of 1916,including
Florence Crawford and Magnus Christensen.
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Thanks to Beth Welcher for sharing
this photo of her grandparents.
Central Holiness University postcard, 1911
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To view photos of C.H.U. campus, students and professors, visit this family genealogy page:
Education of the La Favre and Christensen Ancestors Central Holiness University

John Fletcher College

from the 1926 yearbook;
for complete yearbook,
see Archives below

Kletzing College

from the 1926 yearbook;
for complete yearbook,
see Archives below

Chicago Evangelistic Institute

On our C.E.I. page
Photos of the original Dove and Triangle and C.E.I. banners

Excerpts from the"Heart And Life Bulletin" including the announcement of George Washington Carver's lecture

"The Old Rugged Cross" C.E.I. connection

Vintage film of the Chicago campus

Vennard College

1951, Chicago. During a faculty/staff meeting to pray about the future of the school, at about 10:00 PM, the meeting was interrupted by a phone call which President Jessop took. When he returned he quoted Isa. 65:24: "Before they call, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking, I will hear." Kletzing College in Iowa was closing and the campus had been offered as a gift to CEI.
Excerpt from "The Torch Goeth Onward"
written by President Merne Harris


Archives formerly housed in the Vennard library -
The heritage of Vennard College is preserved in our archives. Our Alumni Association is grateful to Mid America Nazarene University for housing our archives, and to Librarian Lon Dagley for overseeing the collection. 

Mid America Nazarene University,
Mabee Learning Commons

Archives at the Vennard library

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