VCAA Board of Directors

President -
Tim Roehl
Education Director -
Debbie Penn
Vice President -
Keith Dickerson
Education Director -
Jim Porter
Aubrey Does
Chaplain -
Linn Olson Winger
Secretary -
Peggy Dickerson
Social Media Director -
Renee Sindt
Online Reunions Dir -
Jenny Gentry
Leadership Director -
Sandy Harris
Director at Large -
Dave McGaffey
Director at Large -
Brian Channel
Director at Large -
Phil Nendell
Most of us will recognize someone on the VCAA Board, as the Directors span several generations of VCAA classes.

Let's all support our fellow alumni who provide leadership for our Association in the work of
granting scholarships and keeping alumni connected.



Many Thanks...
The ministry and work of the VCAA needs the involvement of more than the Board. Several alumni have offered their time and resources. We couldn't do it without them.

If you would like to volunteer, we have alumni interested in local gatherings. Let us know if you can help set up a meeting in your area. Email us at alumniconnect@vcaa.net.