Vennard Gilmore Scholarships

The 2022 scholarship process is now closed.

Meet our 2021 Scholarship Recipients at the Scholarships page

Also at the Scholarships page:
  • HIstory of the Vennard Gilmore Scholarships, including an audio challenge from President Harris
  • The first alumni scholarship, awarded in 1943.
  • Meet all our previous scholarship recipients


At the Publications page:

Two devotionals by Dr. Morris
Article on Dr. Vennard by Dr. Harris

We have articles, sermons, class notes and book excerpts from Vennard and C.E.I. professors:
  • Dr. Iva Durham Vennard
  • Dr. Harry Jessop
  • Mary Ella Bowie, B.D.
  • Dr. Merne Harris
  • Dr. Robert Morris



The University of Iowa has the transcripts for Vennard and associated colleges.
Their website has an online form, and instructions for filing by fax or mail.
Click HERE to go to the University of Iowa page.

You can also email the University of Iowa Registrar's office at