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Dr. Vennard's Dove and Triangle
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  1920 Postcard

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  1921 Postcard

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Film of CEI Chicago Campus
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Heart And Life Bulletin

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George Washington Carver mention

CEI/CHU connection
Chicago Evangelistic Institute's
"Heart And Life" magazine
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1942-43, Vol 29 1948-49, Vol 35 1952-53, Vol 39
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1944-45, Vol 31    

The Old Rugged Cross

George Bennard's account regarding the writing and introduction of 'The Old Rugged Cross"
"The inspiration came to me one day in 1913, when I was staying in Albion, Michigan. I began to write “The Old Rugged Cross.” I composed the melody first. The words that I first wrote were imperfect. The words of the finished hymn were put into my heart in answer to my own need. Shortly thereafter it was introduced at special meetings in Pokagon, Michigan on June 7, 1913. The first occasion where it was heard outside of the church at Pokagon was at the Chicago Evangelistic Institute. There it was introduced before a large convention and soon it became extremely popular throughout the country."
Praise And Worship article
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