Congratulations to our 2018 scholarship recipients!
Add them to your prayer list,
and visit our EDUCATION page to read more about them.


  • Time for Summer School refresher courses -
          new writings from Dr. Robert Morris

    Can you use a Greek refresher?  Even if you didn't take Greek, you'll find
    these articles to be useful insights.

    Also, there are devotionals for the Easter season. You'll want to download
    them for your library.

    Details are at our EDUCATION page.
  • This fall - our annual update and campaign

  • We have 7 scholarship recipients this year!
               Wouldn't it be wonderful to have even more in 2019?

    You can be a part of supporting these students.
    $5.00 a year is all it takes to participate. Or why not consider a monthly $5.00.

    Our annual update and campaign will be coming your way this fall.
    Give some thought and prayer to how you can be involved.

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