Easter Greeting

He Is Risen!
Easter Greeting Exchange

Our alumni friends who shared the message by email and on Facebook that "He Is Risen!"

Rich Mitchell, Paige Conat, Minda Kleman, Larry Cardoza, Ted Drude, Wendy Lum, Bill VanPatten, Ben McQuese, Leroy Anderson, Tim Rowhl, Tim Hawk, Cheryl Bruce, Linda Hulet, Paul Owens, Sharon Cox, Larry Carr, Ken & Sue Brakefield, Howard Ledford, Jan Fischer, Dorothy Anderson, Shirley Roehl, , Dale Barrett, Don Hotz, Robert Smith, Bruce Moyer, Steve Bagby, Kristy Weinert, Debbie Mayer, Loreli Bryant, Ruth Hall, Jeff Morris, Curtis Dickoff, Beth Bagby, Laurie Summers, Donna Barner, Deb Foy, Bonnie McBride, Mary Anders, Edna Zimmer, Leroy Lindsey Jr., Joy Belle, Terra Amundson, Linette Winger, Robert Morris, Edie Van Maanen, Sherri Ledford, RIchard Klein, Val Menzel Petersen, Joel Baker, Jen Agnew, Bobbie Dunn, Wanda Kinney, Becky Barber, Beth Hafford Woodard, Betty Middleton Jobbins, Bev Bailey Porter, Caree Gordon, Carl Wayne Smith, Carole Rapp, Cathy White Rice, Cheryl Early Will, Cherylyn Trier, Christiene Fights, Christine Robarge Reedy, Christy Morris Engbrecht, Dale Kee, Dale Lundmark, Darin Swearingen, Dave Smith, David & Carol Kochendorfer, Debbie Heinze, Dee Tooley, Delight Hopson, Dennis Johnson, Diane Miltimore, Don Coffman, Dwight Goodman, Elsie Sarikas Wilbur, Fawnanne Heleine, Fred Largent, George Morey, Gisele Davis Chapman, Harold Miller, Heldur Nork, Janet Blank, Jenny Gentry, John & Prudy Olson, Kay McMurphy, Lacy N Joe, Laura Griffin, Lindsey Blake, Louise Clark, Malin Morrison Price, Marcia Martinson, Marilee Estes, Mary Roozeboom, MaryAnn Walker, Nana Smith, Nancy DeVore, Normal Colwell Morey, Phyllis Hoyt, Rachel Kerney, Rachel Maki, Ruth Gott, Saraellen Johnston, Sherry Stanley Judy, Shirley Streight, Stan Cram, Tammy Wade Buffington, Terri Cross, Theresa Voight Baysinger, Timothy Graham, Tom Thurman, Toy Mast, Vivian Liddle, Wanita McLaughlin-Gannon

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