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2019 Vennard Alumni Association Board of Directors
  We are pleased to announce that Linette Olson WInger is joining the Board as Chaplain. Her duties will include supporting our alumni prayer requests. You can share your requests, and answers, at our Facebook page.

If you are not already a member, log on to Facebook and search for Vennard Alumni. The page has a photo of the chapel.

President, Dr. Tim Roehl   
Vice President, Dr. Howard Ledford 
Treasurer, Prudy Olson
Secretary, Rich Mitchell
Education Director, Debbie Penn
Education Director, Dr. Brad Penn
Chaplain, Linette Olson Winger
Social Media Director, Renee Sindt
Database Director, Bob Smith
Leadership Director, Sandy Harris
Director at Large, Dave McGaffey
Director at Large, Jenny Gentry
  • Archives

    The heritage of Vennard College is preserved in our archives. Our Alumni Association is grateful to Mid America Nazarene University for housing our archives, and to Librarian Lon Dagley for overseeing the collection. 
    Mid America Nazarene University, Mabee Learning Commons
    Visit the Heritage page for photo albums of our archives.

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updated 5/24/19


Board of Directors welcomes
Chaplain,Linette Olson WInger

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