Fall Update

For 80 years our alumni association
has given scholarships to CEI/VC students.

Since 2011, scholarships have gone to relatives of alumni.

   38 students 26 schools attended
    64 scholarships   30 fields of study
Through our scholarship program, the ministry of Vennard College continues.
Thank you
for your continued support of the Vennard Gilmore Scholarships.

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  • Thanksgiving at CEI and Vennard

  • A photo album of
    Thanksgiving activites
    at CEI and VC

    Thanksgiving Album
  • In Honor Of...

Donations have been made to our scholarship fund
in appreciation of people who have impacted lives.

In Honor of Deb Dill Foy, by her Southview Sisters
In Honor of Mrs. Marjorie Morris, by Jeff Morris
In Honor of Zelma (Demott) Payne, by Donald Hotz
In Honor of Elana Marie Swarthout, by Suzanne Swarthout
In Honor of Dr. & Mrs. Merne Harris, by ToyLeann Mast
In Honor of Sharon Cox, by Sandra Harris
  • Thanksgiving

  • Nov: Thanksgiving Photo Album
    Jan: Year Verses
    Dec: Christmas Photo Album
    Jan: Scholarship Process Opens
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Donations in honor of Deb Foy
can be made at the Support page;
Indicate Deb's name in the
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