VCAA Board of Directors

Most of us will recognize someone on the VCAA Board, as the
Directors span several generations of VCAA classes.
Let's all support our fellow alumni who provide
leadership for our Association in the work of
granting scholarships and keeping alumni connected.

View the Board of Directors at the Leadership page.

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  • In Honor Of, In Memory Of...

Donations have been made to our scholarship fund
in appreciation of people who have impacted lives.

In Memory of Mike McPherson, by VC Alumni Association
In Honor of Dr. Robert Morris, by Sandra Harris
In Memory of Earl & Mary Owens, by Paul Owens
In Memory of Deb Dill Foy, by Tim & Shirley Roehl
In Honor of VCAA Board of Directors, by Sandra Harris
In Memory of Deb Dill Foy, by her Southview Sisters
In Memory of Mrs. Marjorie Morris, by Jeff Morris
In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. Harris, by Sandra Harris
In Memory of Zelma (Demott) Payne, by Donald Hotz
In Memory of Elana Marie Swarthout, by Suzanne Swarthout
In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. Merne Harris, by ToyLeann Mast
In Honor of Sharon Cox, by Sandra Harris
updated 06/25/24
Meet the 2024 VCAA Board
The 2024 scholarship process has closed. Return in July to meet our 2024 class of recipients.

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