The Lord Is Risen!

Alumni who exchanged the Easter greeting this year:
Dorothy Anderson  Paul Owens Sharon Cox
Paige Conat Doug & Suzi Swarthout Bob Smith
Wendy Lum Marilee Estes Shirley Roehl
Tim Hawk Jo Harris Joy B.
Mary Barnes Dennis Johnson Rich Mitchell
Joy Smith Larry Carr Dave McGaffey
John & Prody Olson Dale Holloway Don Hotz
Howard Ledford Larry & Nancy Cardoza Marty & Pam Waite
Sandy Harris Jan Fischer Tim Roehl

  • Yearbooks

    We have received notices from several of you that you would like a yearbook if they are available. These are the last few days to notify us if you would like to purchase an available yearbook. Email us at and let us know what year you would like. We need to hear from you by Sunday April 14th.


  • Coming Next

  • Southview Video Reunion details
    2019 - Puppet People Online Reunion; Northern California Alumni Gathering
    2019 Board of Directors information page

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