Participate in phone meetings
Participate in email votes
Attend an onsite meeting in the event one is convened
Receive informational emails from Board Directors

  Scholarship Process

As necessary, make recommendation for changes to wording or procedures in the scholarship application process.

  Scholarship Awards
  1. Late spring (dates to be determined each year), the Education Directors will receive by email the scholarship applications, with name references removed.
  2. Within one month of receiving the applications, the Education Directors will read the applications, rate the applications in numerical order of recommendation, and email the results to the VCAA President and the website director.
  3. The President will convene the Board for a vote to determine how many scholarship will be awarded.  The VCAA President and  the Education Directors will email letters of congratulations to scholarship recipients.

Note - Additional alumni can be asked to participate in reviewing the scholarships if the number of applications increases. Additional reviewers will be approved by the Board before participation.