1.  Click the "Give" button at the VCAA website or Facebook

2.  Click the amount you want to give,

      or click Other, enter an amount, click "Click here when done"

3. Click to select what the donation is for

4. If you want, you can set up a recurring donation, or add a memo

5.   Click the "Give Now" green bar

6.   Sign in to Givelify

      if you don't have a Givelify account yet, you'll need to set up an account --

  To set up a new account:
  Enter your name, email address, and create a password
Tap "Create my personal giving account"
Tap the blue "Continue" button
You can add a photo if you want, or tap "Skip and continue..."
You will receive a confirmation email; open that email,
and click on the link to activate

7. When you are signed in to Givelify, it may ask if you want to add a photo; you can skip this if you want

8.  Click the "Not a robot" button

9. Click the green "Give Now" button

10. The first time you use Givelify, you will enter your credit card and address information; click the I'm not a robot button, click Give Now button

11.  You'll get a Donation Details page; tap the blue Done at upper right

12.  Check your email; you'll have a verification email from Givelify;
      You will also get a receipt by email