Earl Owens & Mary Owens

My name is Paul Owens and most of you do not know me.
My father was Earl Owens. I was only 4 when he passed away, however, I think his responsibilities were that of Business Manager both in Chicago and University Park, until his death in December 1951. My mother, Mary (passed away in 1994), found a job with the College until we moved back to Ohio, so that she could take care of her parents.
This past summer, along with a special friend, I visited the campus. This was the first time since 1955 that I had been back for a visit. I easily found the house in which we lived after my father passed away and the location of where I started elementary school among other sites. I noticed that the large weeping willow tree near the house in which we lived upon moving to University Park was gone. (I am sure that it was cut down many, many years ago.)
We visited the cemetery and found names of people I remember hearing about and even ran into Irene. It was nice to visit with her.
On our trip back to Ohio, we stopped in Des Moines to have a visit with Sue Harris and then on to Chicago to visit with Bob.
The visit brought back some good and not so good memories and I am still sorting my thoughts some 10 months later.
If anybody has any memories of my mom and dad, I would appreciate hearing about them.
If you are passing through Columbus, Ohio, please take a moment to call me at 614-309-4883. If we can fellowship together that would be even better.
Have a Blest Day,
Paul Owens