Recordings of Dr. Vennard Singing -   Thanks to Phil Nendel for these items.
Side A: Dr. Vennard singing a song she wrote,
"The Homeland In The Sky"
  Side B: Dr. Vennard singing with Miss Ethel Halterman,
"Jesus Leads"
Lyrics:   Lyrics:

There is a homeland of all lands the dearest,
Where Jesus tarries, our Mansions to prepare;
Blest pledge of God for the days that are dreariest,
Comfort in suff'ring and sweet release from care.

Oh that fair country!  That land of holy gladness!
Where angels are playing upon their harps of gold.
No place on earth is so free from all sadness,
As that blest homeland where true hearts ne'er grow old.

In that bright homeland our joys are immortal,
Woe cannot enter and evil cannot sear;
Veils drop from hearts as they pass thru that portal,
Love understands then, and mysteries grow clear.

Dear native country, my heart is yearning for thee!
Thy bounty, thy beauty, thy glory cannot die.
Love ne'er forgets in that sweet land before me
My Lord is King of that homeland in the sky.

(As sung, the order is Verse #1, Refrain #2, Verse #2, Refrain #3.)


Like a shepherd, tender, true, Jesus leads, Jesus leads,
Daily finds us pastures new, Jesus leads, Jesus leads;
If thick mists are o'er the way, Or the flock 'mid danger feeds,
He will watch them lest they stray, Jesus leads, Jesus leads.

All along life's rugged road, Jesus leads, Jesus leads,
Till we reach yon blest abode, Jesus leads, Jesus leads;
All the way, before, He's trod, and He now the flock precedes,
Safe into the folds of God Jesus leads, Jesus leads.

(Verses #1 and #2)