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2014/15 Alumni Involvement Campaign
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You will remember we announced last year that we have compliance goals to meet as a non-profit organization.  And as reported at the website, the VCAA membership stepped up and met those goals!

We are now at year 2 of working our way to full compliance.  It is just as true this year as last year – In order to continue as an organization, we must meet State of Iowa requirements.

So that you will see exactly where we stand, below are the goals we need to achieve by 2017. 

Where can you plug in to help achieve these goals?
We already have our slate of candidates for the Board.
  Think about joining us for next year’s slate. In the spring we'll post here the new director positions.
$5.00  donation to the scholarship fund.
  That’s all it takes to be an annual donor.  It is the number of donors that matters, not the size of the donation.  Of course, the fund won’t grow very fast at $5 each, so if you can do a little more to help students preparing for ministry, that would be appreciated too.
Prayer support.
  Pray for our scholarship recipients, for alumni requests, for the VCAA leadership;  if you can pray, you are a volunteer.
Plan a gathering.
  Interested in getting together with alumni in your area?  Let us know and we’ll help you set it up.

Now, here are our goals --    
Donating Membership
2013/14 – 20 annual donors
2014/15 - 20 new donors, for total of 40 donors - This year's goal
2015/16 - 25 new donors, for total of 65 donors
2016/17 - 35 new donors, for total of 100 donors
Board Director
2013/14 - Slate of 7 directors elected
2014/15 - 8 candidates on slate - Goal exceeded!
2015/16 - 10 candidates on slate
2016/17 - 12 candidates on slate
2013/14 - 30 Volunteers
2014/15 - 5 new volunteers, for total of 35 volunteers - This year's goal
2015/16 - 5 new volunteers, for total of 40 volunteers
2016/17 - 5 new volunteers, for total of 45 volunteers

Our association has a website where we share memories - photos and music and stories. We help alumni organize gatherings where we can connect with friends from our college days, and meet new friends.  We provide prayer support for each other. 

But our purpose is not rooted in the past.  The VCAA is carrying on the tradition of supporting Christian higher education. This year we were able to award four scholarships of $600 each.  We would love to see that amount and number increased. 

As Board Director Howard Ledford reminded us last year -

  Begun in 1910, Dr. Iva Durham Vennards vision for training young people for ministry continues today.  Countless lives have been changed because of that vision. We can still be part of that vision by investing in the lives of those who want to attend a Christian college. In 2008 Vennard College buildings and campus closed, but it was by no means the end of the Ministry of Vennard College nor the dimming of the vision of Dr. Vennard.

Each scholarship we provide carries forward that vision.  Just as we were supported by alumni who donated towards our education, we now can support the next generation of torchbearers. 

Look over the VCAA Campaign form, and give it some thought, and prayer to find where you can be involved, and
help move us towards the required full compliance.

Please respond by November 30th.

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Meet our 2014 Scholarship Recipients
Kayte Miller - Bethel College   David Bagby - Kentucky Mountain Bible College
Kirk Bagby - Kentucky Mountain Bible College   Suzannah Zimmer - Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Read more about our students -- click HERE

Alumni Gatherings
Sturgis, MI Area
Alumni in the area of Sturgis, MI are interested in organizing an event.
If you would like information about attending, email us as and we will forward your contact info to the organizers.  
Southern California
The SoCal alumni are planning to meet at Disneyland sometime in January or February.
If you are a CA alumnus, or would like to be one just long enough to join us for the day, send an email to and we'll let you know what we have planned and when.  

Dr. Vennard
Thanks to alum Phil Nendel for locating and sharing with us some audio of Dr. Vennard's early music ministry, and a link to one of her writings, "The Revelation, a student's handbook.
click HERE for the Dr. Vennard page

Coming Next
  December Campus Christmas photo album
Do you have photos of the campus/college days during the winter season? email them to and we'll add them to the photo album.
    Scholarship Applications will be accepted
We are planning to have an online application this year; specific date to be announced
  January Year Verses - Festival of Praise
Remember year verses from your college days? We have been continuing the tradition here on the website.
  Easter "He Is Risen" greeting
We exchange emails with Mrs. Sue Harris, sharing the traditional Easter greeting

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