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  Reminder - The 2015 scholarship application process closes March 31st
  For details and forms, go to the Scholarships page.

Festival of Praise 2015 - Year Verses - Last few days to submit your year verse!
The 2015 list will be posted later this week. For encouragement and blessings, read through the Archive of Year Verses.

2014/15 Alumni Involvement Campaign Board vote is
concluded; view the Leadership page.

We've done it!   We have met or exceeded all our goals for 2014/2015!

Thanks so much for everyone who has shown support for the scholarship program, and for the activities of the VCAA.

It's still always a good idea to support our scholarship program, and to get connected with college friends --

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Alumni Gatherings
Sturgis, MI Area - Update
Alumni in the area of Sturgis, MI - N. Indiana
are looking at dates for a a gathering after Easter, end of April/early May.

We've had a request for alumni to get together in Florida. Interested?

Southern California
The SoCal alumni are planning to meet at Disneyland - currently looking at dates after Easter, as we have alumni interested in flying out to join us.  

Northern California
Looking for alumni in the Redding CA area interested in getting together.  
Email us at if you would like information about any of these gatherings,
or to have us add your area to the list.

New Audio
Thanks again to alum Phil Nendel for converting tapes to digital so we can all enjoy the audio -

        Dr. Harris Message - from the Holiness lecture series; 6 additional messages coming in March

        Music - Calvary Express, Melody of Love

At the Audio page

(These are MP3 files so they can be listened to online, and taken from casettes, so expect some "hiss." Just makes it more nostalgic.)

Coming Next
  Easter "He Is Risen" greeting
We exchange emails with Mrs. Sue Harris, sharing the traditional Easter greeting. To be included in this mailing, email us at and ask to be added to the Easter greeting list.

To update your mailing or email address, send us the correct information at

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