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                   Festival of Praise - Year Verses 2016

Continuing a tradition here at the website since 1998, and a long-standing college tradition, we invite you to share your Year Verse.

"For those who are new to our Festival of Praise, we began in 1998 as a continuation of the CEI-Vennard tradition of exchanging year verses at the beginning of each New Year. Originally that exchange took place in a variety of gatherings of the College family. Since 1998, the exchange has been by e-mail. Interested persons have forwarded their year verses to me, and I have compiled those verses in a composite report sent to all who have participated. We are now able to post these emails at the Alumni Association website, so that we can share the experience the blessings of Festival of Praise with others of our wonderful College family."         
Dr. Merne Harris, 2004

You can email us your year verse at
For encouragement and blessings, read through the Archive of Year Verses.

Vennard Gilmore Scholarships

The application process for the Vennard Gilmore Scholarships is now open.
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New And Updated

Gatherings Memories
Photos from alumni gatherings --
2009 S. California, 2011 Tennessee,
2011 N. California, 2013 Minnesota
coming soon - Iowa Gathering Oct 2015
CHU original campus postcard
VC link to "The Old Rugged Cross"

Photos Audio Publications
Hot Dog Shop Evangels President Vennard poem "Full Stature"
Seasons on Campus Calvary Express President Jessop, "Spiritual Security"
Thanksgiving & Christmas Melody of Love President Harris, "Humpty Dumpty" chpt 2
  Concert Choir  

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December: Scholarship application process opens VCAA Board Election
January: Year Verses  

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